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Funky Fifers

Author: admin (Read all)Published: 1888 Reads Published in: Affiliated Groups
Exactly as the name suggests the `Funky Fifers` are a great bunch of kids and are full of enthusiasm.

Forth Bridge Walk

The day we did the Forth Bridge Walk it was absolutely chucking it down and we all got soaked, however, the kids spirits were still high.

They are a great bunch of kids and are full of enthusiasm, they enjoy putting their views on the dances over and we will often change the dances to fit in with their thinking. We are very proud of them.

They are exactly as the name suggests `Funky Fifers`. The girls especially love to keep up to date with the latest fashions and music and give us a laugh when they sing at the top of their voices to the latest songs.

The Funky FifersA couple of our group have had quite a tough year medically but they still attend with full spirits and it is great to see the welcome they get when they return to the group.

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